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Why choose our plagiarism checker?

Even when you are extra careful, avoiding plagiarism is sure is easier said than done. The good news is that plagiarism checkers are available to make the job much simpler.

Plagiarism checkers scan your text and compare it to what exists in their database. The problem with this approach is the recurring possibility of false negatives. In simpler words, after an allegedly complete scan, you can type the same text that passed the test on Google and still find parts of it show up in the results. The reason for this being that the databases used for scans by plagiarism checkers online are never as vast as Google’s. This is why our plagiarism checker uses Google’s database for a more complete and throughout scan. It also goes further than that with its extensive search in archived websites and academic journals that are not accessible to the public on the internet.

Multiple options are also available to cater to your needs.

On top of the normal extensive search available for you, our tool allows you to select specific websites to compare your text to, or to white-list others that you want to exclude from your search. We also offer a file comparison feature that allows multiple formats. An efficient and accurate scan to whole domains is furthermore possible instead of checking its content separately.